Design together

  1. Make a wish for something you would like, whether it is the perfect couch for your living room or a smart bike poncho for when it rains. Collaborate.
  2. Collaborate with the designers during the design process in order to create beautiful and unique designs. Make it real.
  3. Pre-order a product you would like to see become real. If enough people want it, it will be produced.


JOIN.dk is first and foremost a co-creation platform for lifestyle products where companies, designers and end users can work together in an online process to bring design products to market that better meet the customers’ needs.

JOIN.dk is also ideal for national and international matchmaking between design schools and manufacturers within interior and clothing, design competitions and for minor consumer research.

JOIN.dk is a platform where you as a Designer can publish designs, get feedback on your designs and be “headhunted” by manufacturers; a platform where you as a Manufacturer can find interesting new designs that are already preselected by customers and a place where you can ask for submission to specific design assignments.

JOIN.dk is also a place where you as a Customer can submit your needs and ideas to designers and comment on product ideas and designs and it’s a place where you can find unique designs that better fit your style or needs- a treasure chest of cool stuff.


Write to: info at join.dk

Technical information

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